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Tracy Mann, MS, RD


I enjoy working with PCOS, infertility, food sensitivities, and weight management. While I have taken special interest in helping women with PCOS and infertility use nutrition to manage symptoms and reach goals, my extensive background and work experience means I can help with many other health concerns.  I have also added optional food sensitivity and micronutrient testing to my practice to further help tailor recommendations for overall health.

Whenever possible, I incorporate an intuitive eating approach with my clients. This helps identify and reduce emotional eating and helps clients become attuned to their body for long-lasting results.

When I'm not working with clients, I am usually preparing food for and chauffeuring around my 5 kids or volunteering at their school or church.

Victoria Hasenyager, RDN

Working in the field of nutrition/dietetics is not what I would consider work, rather it is a passion and an honor. 

I strongly believe in individualizing nutrition care for every single person I work with, as no one client is the same. I personally understand the struggle of wanting answers to health problems, which is why I prefer to practice in a more holistic manner, searching for the root cause and applying functional medicine and/or intuitive eating approaches when possible.

I always had a strong desire to focus on women’s heath, but when I discovered I had PCOS myself, I knew that was my career calling. However, I love helping all individuals no matter what the primary health concern is. In my personal experience, I can assist with restrictive diets whether they are due to food allergies/intolerances or personal/religious beliefs, such as vegetarianism. I also have professional experience with weight loss and diabetes management.